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Amla Oil

Amla Oil

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Pure Amla oil is natural oil used for hair health that includes extracts of Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica). Amla oil is said to promote hair growth and avoid hair loss and early greying. When used as a natural remedy, amla oil is added to the scalp or to the face. When used for hair treatment, amla oil is believed to reinforce and strengthen follicles through to the roots.

Ayurvedic practitioners also claim that organic amla oil can encourage hair formation, minimize dandruff, and stop hair from being grey. Well beyond the benefits of the fruit extract, the application of oil to dry, flaky skin can have a beneficial effect by serving as an emollient moisturizer.

Benefits for Hair:

  • Condition your scalp.

  • Promote healthy hair growth.

  • Improve the tone of henna hair dyes.

  • Minimize gray hairs.

  • Boost volume

  • Reduce Dandruff

  • Treat Head Lice

  • Serves as a natural hair conditioner

  • Ads shine to hair.

  • Prevents frizzy hair.


How to use

Applied in your Hair 5 to 6 Hours Daily


2 to 3 Working Days

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