Brand Story

Natural Oil is a Pakistani natural oil brand catering to both B2C and B2B. We provide various categories of nutrient rich carrier oil both edible and non edible that has healthy effects on your skin and hair. Our goal is to produce high-quality natural oil to improve and enhance your life at an affordable rate as well as being part of your healthy lifestyle. We have researched the efficacy of carrier oils on haircare and skincare routines as well as their numerous benefits on mental health. It has shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Our oil is chemical free, hypoallergenic and is made from eco-friendly natural ingredients.

We believe in building long term relations with our customers. Natural Oil seeks to create awareness of using natural products and discouraging the use of synthetic products which contain chemicals that are harmful to the body and environment. Considering the various benefits of aromatherapy, we have various oils that will vitalize your senses. By providing care and nourishment to your skin and hair we will enhance and accentuate your lifestyle. Regular use of our products will uplift your physical and emotional wellbeing. Our oils are ideal for dull and dry skin and hair as well as for skin conditions like eczema and hyperpigmentation. Using our products on children is also safe.

You will feel wonderful to know that your haircare and skincare routine is pure, free from additives that could be entering through the pores on your skin into your body. You will notice the positive change on your hair and skin, as they will become healthier looking, smoother, and glowing. We have invested a lot of time and effort into our research and development to come up with Studies have shown that the use of coconut oil helps in healthier hair growth, use of aloe vera oil helps reduce dandruff, use of lavender oil helps reduce cortisol levels, which are associated with stress, the use of almond oil can help ease symptoms of eczema and dermatitis and much more…

We plan to make our brand a well-known name both locally and internationally. Our products can be purchased easily through our e-commerce website. We are proud to bring to you our natural oils and build a strong bond with you. We encourage you to “go pure” and use our oils for your personal care. We promise that you will have a pleasant and wholesome experience.

So trust Natural Oil to take care of your hair and skin!